Using Sustainable Ceilings to Build Green

In an age of sustainability and eco-friendliness, building green has never been more important. When building an office space, it’s common to focus on the “fun” part—interior design, layout, paint color—but don’t forget the ceilings.  

Using sustainable ceilings for your workspace is essential to green building practices and emotional and physical wellbeing. Finding products to suit environmental standards might sound tricky, but many products have been engineered specifically for these purposes. 

Importance of Green Building 

Before we launch into green building products and standards for your project, we must first understand why building green is important. Green building offers many benefits which fall into the general categories of environmental, social, and economical.  


It’s no surprise that building green helps the environment—green buildings not only reduce negative impacts on the environment by using less water, energy, and natural resources, but they also generate their own energy and increase biodiversity. In fact, studies show that green buildings with LEED certification use 25% less energy and 11% less water than non-green buildings. 


Another great perk of green building is that it also helps our people. Creating mental health and wellbeing in the office has never been so important— people who work or live in green buildings have been proven to increase cognitive scores, brain function, and productivity 


In addition to social and environmental advantages, green building also offers economic benefits as well. Green buildings save money through water and energy efficiency for tenants and homeowners, lowering their utility bills and cost of living. But tenants are not the only ones who benefit—developers who build green spend less on construction costs and can increase their property value by 7%. 

Why Rockfon? 

Now that we’ve established the benefits that can come from green building, it’s time to introduce Rockfon acoustic ceilings. Rockfon sustainable ceilings benefit the environment, health, and wellness through the following: 

  1. Recycled materials, 
  2. Energy efficiency, 
  3. Decreased emissions, and 
  4. Reduced waste. 

Rockfon stonewool acoustic ceiling tiles and panels are the key to success for green commercial building projects—not only are they sustainable materials that promote a healthy indoor environment, but they also come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures to satisfy any interior design aesthetic.  

Green Building Standards 

When building green in any city or state, you must follow green building standards and certification programs to ensure sustainability practices. The following are a few common green building standards that Rockfon acoustic ceilings meet: 

Rockfon acoustic ceilings are LEED v4, WELL, and GSA P100-certified to accomplish eco-friendliness, wellbeing, and more in commercial building. You know what they say—sustainability is sexy, so make sure your acoustics are up to code with Rockfon sustainable ceilings. 

Build Better & Greener with Rockfon Sustainable Ceilings 

Helping and sustaining the environment is back and better than ever with a wide variety of eco-friendly products like Rockfon acoustic ceilings. At Freedom Materials, we offer hundreds of ceiling panels and tiles to choose from in different colors, shapes, and sizes to satisfy any aesthetic for your commercial building while promoting environment and social wellness.  

To learn more about how Freedom Materials can help with your acoustic ceilings project, contact us today to speak with an experienced acoustics professional. Build better and greener and don’t forget the ceilings!