Metal Framing

Metal Framing is essential to the building before adding drywall and insulation. Getting the right system in place with the best materials is key for any building project. Let your team of experienced builders assist you with your selection of metal framing.

Our Metal Framing Products

Explore our extensive range of metal framing products from industry-leading vendors, each specializing in metal framing to ensure the structural integrity and efficiency of your project.

  • Amico

    Freedom Materials proudly sources Amico steel products, renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. Explore their top-of-the-line security mesh, where excellence meets innovation.

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  • ClarkDietrich

    Unleash the power of sturdy construction with Freedom Materials’ metal framing selection, featuring ClarkDietrich’s renowned products. Engineered for excellence, ClarkDietrich’s metal framing solutions ensure the structural integrity your projects deserve.

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  • Fire Trak

    Build with confidence using Fire Trak’s metal framing collection at Freedom Materials, showcasing the reliability of Fire Trak’s innovative products. Explore fire-resistant and durable solutions, ensuring a secure foundation for your projects.

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  • Flex-C

    Unlock flexibility and innovation in your projects with Flex-C’s advanced metal framing products, available at Freedom Materials. Browse our selection of high-performance Flex-C metal framing solutions, offering unparalleled adaptability and strength.

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  • Marino/Ware

    Elevate your projects with Freedom Materials’ metal framing collection, spotlighting Marino/Ware’s exceptional products. Precision-engineered for durability and performance, Marino/Ware’s metal framing solutions provide the solid foundation your structures demand.

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  • MBA

    Forge resilient structures MBA’s cutting-edge products. Explore the strength and precision of MBA’s metal framing solutions at Freedom Materials, ensuring your projects stand tall with unmatched durability.

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  • OEG Building Materials

    OEG Building Materials delivers premium construction solutions known for innovation and durability. Explore their metal framing products at Freedom Materials for lasting structural integrity.

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  • Phillips Manufacturing

    Elevate your projects with precision and durability using Phillips Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art metal framing products, available at Freedom Materials. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Phillips Manufacturing’s high-quality metal framing systems, our comprehensive range of tools and accessories ensure efficiency and excellence in every build.

  • Simpson Strong-Tie

    Simpson Strong-Tie is a trusted provider of durable construction solutions with a focus on safety and reliability. Discover their metal framing products at Freedom Materials.

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  • Studco

    Forge resilient structures with Studco’s innovative products. Explore the precision and durability of Studco’s metal framing solutions at Freedom Materials, ensuring your projects stand tall with a solid and reliable foundation.

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  • Telling Industries

    Telling Industries offers cutting-edge construction solutions, emphasizing quality and performance in their diverse range of metal framing products. Find top-tier options at Freedom Materials.

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  • The Steel Network

    Elevate your projects with The Steel Network’s exceptional metal framing products, featured at Freedom Materials. Discover an array of The Steel Network’s cutting-edge metal framing solutions, setting a new standard for strength and precision.

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