Drywall and Accessories

We provide all the materials you need for your drywall project. Anything from Type X to Type C, Mold Resistant, ½” Lite Weight, 5/8” Lite Weight, 54” Gypsum Board, Tile Backer, Exterior Sheathing, and even Shaftwall Liner – you name it, we got it!

Our Drywall Products

Explore our comprehensive range of drywall products from leading vendors, each specializing in specific categories, to ensure you find the perfect fit for your project.

  • American Gypsum

    Elevate your projects with Freedom Materials’ selection of drywall, highlighting American Gypsum’s exceptional products. Visit Freedom for a closer look at how American Gypsum’s top-tier drywall solutions can enhance both performance and aesthetics in your builds.

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  • CertainTeed

    CertainTeed offers a diverse range of high-quality drywall solutions that prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility. Choose CertainTeed for industry-leading mold-resistant options, ensuring a superior and sustainable choice for your projects.

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  • Flannery

    Find premium drywall and accessory solutions at Freedom Materials with Flannery. Use top-notch craftsmanship and design excellence for your projects from a trusted source.

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  • Fry Reglet

    Improve your architectural detailing with Fry Reglet, offering premier drywall and accessory solutions at Freedom Materials. High-quality products seamlessly blend design precision with superior craftsmanship and style.

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  • Georgia Pacific

    Discover top-notch drywall solutions at Freedom Materials, featuring Georgia-Pacific’s innovative products. From durable performance to sustainable practices, Georgia-Pacific’s drywall offerings redefine excellence in construction materials.

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  • National Gypsum

    National Gypsum presents a premium line of drywall products that excel in both performance and safety. With a range of Type X and Type C solutions, National Gypsum sets the standard for durability and fire resistance in your projects.

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  • Pittcon Industries

    Explore top-tier drywall solutions with Pittcon Industries at Freedom Materials. Their innovative range, encompassing materials and accessories, ensures projects meet the highest standards of quality and design.

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  • QuietRock by Pabco Gypsum

    Experience tranquility with QuietRock by Pabco Gypsum—the ultimate solution for superior sound control, engineered for easy installation and unparalleled performance. Choose QuietRock at Freedom Materials, where peace meets innovation in creating serene environments for homes and commercial spaces.

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  • Trim-Tex

    Elevate your drywall aesthetics with Trim-Tex, a leading innovator in interior finishing. Discover high-quality trims and accessories at Freedom Materials, where excellence in drywall seamlessly merges with cutting-edge design.

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  • USG

    Explore cutting-edge drywall options at Freedom Materials, showcasing USG’s premium products. With a commitment to quality and innovation, USG’s drywall collection, as featured on www.usg.com, sets the standard for excellence in construction materials.

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