Thank Us Later: 4 Reasons Soundproofing Your Space is Important

Did you know noise is the second most common complaint made by restaurant goers? Just behind service-related complaints? It’s true, according to, a go-to source for restaurant goers worldwide. Restauranteurs invest heavily in great menus, great servers, and great decor, but they usually neglect to invest in great soundproofing. The result? Lots of comments about a guest’s inability to hear conversation across the table and ringing ears.

But homeowners have this problem too.

Noise travels very easily through gaps, cracks, and lightweight building materials throughout many homes. The noise could be generated from outside (honk, honk!), from appliances, from home theaters, from mechanical systems, and more.

How does sound travel? In two ways:

  • Through air, meaning it travels through holes in a room like outlets, switches, lights, gaps, HVAC ducts, etc.
    Through structures, meaning it vibrates through walls, ceilings, floors, tin ducting, etc.
  • Why is sound proofing or sound isolation important?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Privacy. Sound insulation prevents voice leaks. This makes it much more difficult for you – or others – to overhear conversations by those in the same area.
  • Avoid noise disturbance. Noise can be a disturbance to your neighbors. Hosting a holiday party? Or a graduation celebration? Got kids who are extra loud?
  • Health and safety. Too much noise is bad for the environment. But it’s bad for humans too. Our bodies are not designed to withstand excessive noise.
  • Comfort. Want to watch a movie? But the baby is sleeping? Soundproofing helps avoid noise levels that would prevent good, sound sleep.

Mostly though, soundproofing simply stops sound from bothering people. In restaurants. In homes. In offices. In buildings. And Freedom Materials can help. Connect with us regarding noise reduction that is airborne and/or generated by impact or structure. Our team has decades of experience in this regard and would be happy to help.