Choosing the Right Drywall Product for Your Project

How do you like your drywall? Square or tapered edge? Foil-backed? Soundproof? Fire or water-resistant? Other? If you’re planning on building or remodeling a home, chances are you’ll be installing sheetrock. Also called drywall. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore the various types of drywall product available to you before your project begins.

Below is a good overview to help you familiarize yourself with the drywall product available to you:

  • Fire-resistant – Fire-resistant drywall is considered non-combustible. It can withstand flames for approximately 45-60 minutes. This is the most expensive type of drywall. It is used frequently for garage ceilings, some corridors, and stairwells. It’s very, very popular in hotels and apartments too.
  • Insulated – Have a room with poor insulation? Or that doesn’t retain heat well? Insulated drywall is a good solution in these circumstances. This particular product has a strong polyfoam-type core. It doesn’t warp either, which means it isn’t as sensitive to humidity.
  • Abuse-resistant – This type of drywall is ideal for garages, playrooms, and high-traffic areas like hallways, basements, and garages. It has a reinforced core which can withstand impact.
  • Square vs. taper-edged – Standard drywall is usually square-edged. This means the sheets butt up to one another and are plastered over. It’s usually used when ceilings and walls are being plastered. Taper-edged drywall, however, has a tapered end that allows for easier filling between gaps. It’s usually used on finishing walls.
  • Moisture-resistant – This type of drywall is often used in rooms that have high humidity, like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. It isn’t waterproof, but it can withstand some moisture. It also doesn’t warp.
  • Soundproof – Soundproof drywall has greater noise dampening qualities than many other drywall products. It is commonly used on walls and ceilings in apartments or condos.

Need more options? They’re available! Simply connect with us to learn more. Our team has experienced and educated folks with decades of drywall experience. If there’s a drywall product on the market, we’ll know about. And we’re happy to tell you about it too.